Former Group Members

NameTime in SPLPosition in SPLPost-graduation/Current Position
Mauricio Carcamo01/17-03/17Visiting M.S. studentPh.D. student at University of Melbourne
Cuizhou Yue06/17-12/17Visiting Ph.D. studentPh.D. student at Tongji University
Zhichao Liu12/16-12/17Visiting Ph.D. studentProfessor at China University of Geosciences
Daxin Geng08/17-08/18Visiting professorProfessor at East China Jiaotong University
Guangyao Li09/17-09/18Visiting Ph.D. studentProfessor at Beijing University of Technology
Lele “Leonard” Liu10/17-10/18Visiting professorProfessor at Qingddao Institute of Marine Geology
Lunxiang Zhang11/17-11/18Visiting Ph.D. studentProfessor at Dalian University of Technology
Haitao Zhang09/18-08/19Visiting Ph.D. studentPost-doc at Tsinghua University
Jiazuo “Jack” Zhou05/19-08/20Visiting professorProfessor at China University of Geosciences
Zhilin Cheng09/19-09/20Visiting Ph.D studentProfessor at Xi’An Shiyou University
Feng Zhu11/19-08/21Visiting Ph.D studentPh.D. student at Hohai University
Dong Hun Kang09/19-08/20Post-docResearch Scientist at Yonsei University
Bozhi “Dennis” Deng06/19-09/21Post-docProfessor at Chongqing University
Jongchan Kim08/15-08/20Ph.D. studentFaculty at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Wilson Espinoza08/16-12/21Ph.D. studentFaculty at Texas State University
Boyoung Jeong08/16-08/22Ph.D. studentFaculty at Illinois Institute of Technology
Abigail Johnson05/17-05/22Ph.D. student (co-advise)Postdoc at UGA
Yimin Lu01/17-12/22Ph.D. studentPostdoc at National Renewable Energy Lab / Faculty at Texas Tech
Fan Yang08/15-05/17M.S.ADP, LLC
Jinwoo Go08/16-08/17M.S.Ph.D. at Tech
Shashank Suresh08/16-12/17M.S.ECS Corporate Services, LLC
Naga Vallabhaneni05/17-05/18M.S.ECS Corporate Services, LLC
Chris Abdeen08/19-08/21M.S.Geosyntec