Geomaterials and Geomechanics

    Soils, rocks, deep-sea sediments, fly ash, particulated biomass/MSW

Energy geotechnics

    Geothermal energy, hydrate-bearing sediments, geological carbon sequestration

Fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media

     Multiphase, interfacial phenomema, permeability anisotropy, heat transfer, microbial effects, active fluids

Bioinspired geotechnics

     Biological boring mechanisms, biological subsurface sensing

Current Projects

  • Bio-inspired geotechnics (heat exchange, drilling), NSF-CBBG
  • Microbial effects on multiphase flow, NSF
  • Hydrate-bearing sediments, DOE/NETL
  • CPT field testing, IDOT
  • Extraterrestial micobiology, NASA
  • Biomass/NMSW constitutive modeling, DOE/INL
  • Machine-learning in subsurface waves, DOE

Undergraduate Research

Research funded by